Come to the valley to grow in faith.

Worship Sundays at 9:30 am

Wednesday Worship at 6:15 pm

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Dedicated to the Future

At the very end of our April 7th, Dedication Sunday service, the sending said so much about our congregation:

The officiant reminded our forward-facing congregation, “The Future is in God’s Hands!” and those assembled shouted, “Thanks be to God!”

Right into this year of what we are calling our year of rebirth, Beaver Valley is dedicated to remembering to share as we always have the Good News of forgiveness and grace for all.  And, then, with forgiveness the gift received, we are also dedicated to being in this complicated world, without fear, for the sake of all. 

We enjoy people coming and visiting.  Come and see what our “coming back to life” looks like around our remodeled hallways.  Come and visit and stay a lifetime if it feels right—there is plenty of joyous work to do, trusting that not just the past but the future, too, is comfortably held in God’s hands. 

Growing a Child’s Faith

Beaver Valley’s youth ministry programs are our priority!  Our Sunday School is simple for now…a one room school house method of teaching while we anxiously wait for our return to our church home with new gathering spaces and Sunday School craft room nearing completion.  Our new fifth grade God Squad is already busy with learning and working (red t-shirts on when they serve  around the church).  Our 6th – 8th grade confirmation classes (with adult guides for small groups) are learning and planning servant work to bring mind and body together.  And our Senior High meet both as a Beaver Valley small group and as part of a larger, once-a-month “northern rim” youth group that plans each year a faith enhancing trip to go serve and learn.  When we say, “Come to the Valley to Grow in Faith”, we say that first to our children!  Learn more…Click here for children & youth ministries.
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