Find a Grave is a comprehensive listing of burial plots for the two Beaver Valley cemetery locations. This work has been compiled by Cemetery Board volunteer Curt Phillips, and other contributors to the Find A Grave website. You may contact Curt by email at: phillips@alliancecom.net

Find A Grave allows you to search for the graves of your ancestors, create virtual memorials, add “virtual flowers,” and a note to a loved one’s grave.

Click on the links that follow to find a grave site:

Beaver Valley Church Cemetery

South Beaver Valley Cemetery

Beaver Valley
Cemetery Committee Members:
PRESIDENT: Troy Dawley (term ends 2022)
VICE PRESIDENT: Kelly Wright (term ends 2026)
TREASURER: Curt Phillips (term ends 2027)
SECRETARY: Terry Brick  (term ends 2024)
Denis Andersen (term ends 2025)
Dan Hanson (term ends 2023)

Council Representative: Rick Bonander