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A Message from Pastor Greg

Pastor Greg Silhouette3


          It’s Impossible!

     (0 out of 17,000,000)


As I write this article, headlines in the sporting world of basketball remind us of how limited we humans really are.  The headlines, after only the first set of regional games of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament had been played, read:  “0 out of 17 million!”  Think about it!  There had been over seventeen million educated guesses made by humans as to which teams would emerge victorious after the opening thirty-two games and not one person, not one, got it right. (I put out more than one guess as to how the first set of games would go on ESPN’s web sight—a “just for fun” chance to be right—and I wasn’t even close!)

An Easter morning gathering of Christians is about many things, but certainly at the top of the list is for the congregation to freely admit that there are some things that are and always will be impossible for us.  For that reason we have been quietly admitting all throughout Lent:  “God, you must be my help because the most eternal things are impossible for me.”

Doesn’t it feel good to just let go and admit that there are some things that we humans can not and will never be able to do?  That if there is going to be a perfect heaven one day (and there is) and little pieces of heaven along the way(and there are) that those perfect moments come as a gift from our loving God?

Maybe our Easter morning celebration is really that simple.  It’s a time for God’s people to look out over the cemetary and ponder the impossible and pray that God who beat death and the grave once will come and beat the evil and the darkeness and the death back into submission once again.

So, yes Easter morning, April 1, will be a celebration of the simple promise that “nothing is impossible for God!”  We will sing full voice!  We will sing the alleluia again!  We will wear bright, happy clothing.  We will eat a hearty breakfast served by our Senior High youth.  We will again let our kids run around after the 9:30 a.m. service and look for plastic eggs filled with simple surprises.  All because we can turn our “impossibles” over to the One who can conquer all.

Easter Blessings!

Pastor Greg Johnson