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December 11, 2014

Beaver Valley Lutheran Church Council met Thursday, December 11, 2014 . President Larry Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Devotions were led by Pastor Greg Johnson.

Attendees: Gary Parker (1st Term-2018), Scott Rust (1st Term-2018), Georgia Backer (2nd Term-2018), Dan Feeken (1st Term-2018); Janet Andersen (1st Term-2017), Larry Johnson (2nd Term-2017), Doris Phillips (1st Term-2017), Brian Roberts (1st Term-2017),Ingrid Briggle (1st Term-2016), Kate Brick (1st Term-2016), Todd Dawley (1st Term-2016), Dennis Schuette (1st Term-2016), Linda Wingate (1st Term-2015), Mike Swenson (1st Term-2015), Dale Hanson (1st Term-2015), and Pastor Greg Johnson.
Absent:  Georgia Backer, Dennis Schuette, Doris Phillips, Shannon Backer

Approval of prior meeting minutes: Secretary, Ingrid Briggle.
MMSC: Motion to approve November’s Minutes made seconded. Motion carried. 

Current Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Doris Phillips. Current Treasurer’s Report is available for viewing in the Church Office.

Approval of Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Doris Phillips. MMSC: Motion to approve November’s Treasurers report made by Mike Swenson and seconded by Linda Wingate. Motion carried.

Old Business:

  1. Facility use fee forms. Church Office Secretary continues to work on the forms.
  2. Lighting for the church sign in front of the church has been partially installed. The Property Committee will finish the installation next Spring.
  3. Upper level mailbox repurposing is still being discussed. This will become a winter project.
  4. Estimates have been requested for Security measures to be installed on the south side of the church building. A chime unit on the double doors is estimated to be around $40 and the chime unit will be installed in the hallway between the offices. A report containing some options and estimates has been requested and will be presented by the Property Committee when available.

New Business:

  1. The 2015 Annual Budget is in the process of being pulled together. All committees are to provide their 2015 financial requirements to Doris Phillips by the end of December. A meeting will need to be scheduled following a Sunday morning service in early January to review and finalize the budget numbers.
  2. Annual Meeting date has been scheduled for Sunday, January 25th, 2015, following the church service. Each council member needs to inform their committee to begin compiling their annual report. Ingrid Briggle will send out a format for each committee to use to create their report. Reports need to be returned by January 9th, 2015, to Ingrid. Ingrid will create the final report. Ingrid will request Doris Phillips to order the Annual Report jackets from the Synod Office.
  3. Pastor Greg and Nancy Johnson informed the Church Council that they are taking a $7,000 reduction in his annual salary package for 2015. The Pastor’s Pay Package for 2015 is still being determined by Personnel Committee.

President’s Report: Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson met Boy Scouts of America in regards to sponsor them for 2015. Pastor Greg will be the sponsoring party on the charter documentation. The Council President will be supporting this charter in a different capacity.


Cemetery Committee: Council Assignment, Denny Schuette
No significant events to report from the prior month.

Church in Society: Council Assignment, Linda Wingate
Preparations for Advent and Holiday Season continue. 2015 giving events planning is in progress.

Education and Youth Ministry: Council Assignment, Georgia Backer
Practice continues for the Sunday school program on the 21st. The teachers are planning a “Happy Birthday, Jesus” party for after the program during the coffee hour. The children are also going to perform some songs from their program at Bethany Meadows on the 21st after coffee hour.  Senior High is meeting on Sunday mornings with Derek Hanson and Winston Loman.  The youth donated $1,000 to the Angel Fund at BVHS.

Evangelism and Outreach: Council Assignment, Janet Andersen

Evangelism committee sent out 6,449 ½-sheet postcards to the city and Rural Route addresses in the communities of Brandon, Valley Springs, Beaver Creek, and Garretson announcing our Christmas Eve services. The postage cost was $1,128.

MMSC: Motion made by Ingrid Briggle and seconded by Todd Dawley to move $5,000 to the Evangelism Committee from the $25,000 gift for ministry needs. Motion carried.

  • A Family Movie Night is being planned to be held on Sunday night, January 25th, 2015. Entry will be donation of a food item to be donated to the BV Food Pantry. Popcorn and soda will be provided.
  • The February Time & Talent Auction is being planned. This Committee is in the process of collecting auction item donations.
  • Car window clings have been printed and delivered to the church.
  • Food Shepherds filled the freezer earlier in the month of December. They are expecting the donated funds from Thrivent at any time.

Personnel: Council Assignment, Dale Hanson

Personnel Committee has completed the annual reviews for all salaried staff. The Pastors 2015 Pay Package is being finalized.

Property: Council Assignment, Denny Schuette, Mike Swenson and Todd Dawley

Bids have been requested for the needed roof repairs. Otherwise, normal activity was conducted during the previous month. There is an abandoned pickup that has been on the south end of the church parking lot for some time. The owner has been identified and steps are being taken to notify the owner to remove the pickup. Further action will be determined based on owners response.

Stewardship: Council Assignment, Doris Phillips

Our Consecration Sunday Program was a big success. Kate Brick began with the first Temple Talk on October 26th; followed by Erin Olesen on November 2nd; and on November 9th, Kevin Petterson, Larry Johnson and Mike Hlucky gave the sermon. Each did an outstanding job and was instrumental in making this program a success.

On Consecration Sunday we received 64 Estimate of Giving cards. Three did not have either a name or amount and , therefore, are not included in the calculation. We received 6 additional Estimate of Giving cards from members that were not able to attend Consecration Sunday. The total number of Estimate of Giving cards received (excluding 3) was 67.

The Stewardship Committee reviewed the calculations done on Consecration Sunday and found a couple of errors which brought the increase in giving down from 44% to 40%. After including the additional 6 cards received, our increase is 35% for 2015.

To estimate the income for 2015, the Stewardship Committee included members that gave on a regular basis but did not complete the Estimate of Giving card at the amount given in 2014. The estimated income for 2015 is $200,500.00. This is the amount that will be used for the 2015 Budget.

Each committee needs to provide their budget to the Stewardship Committee as soon as possible so that a preliminary budget proposal can be compiled. The final budget needs to be ready for final review and approval by the January Council meeting on January 8th, 2015. The goal should be to have the Annual Report ready so it can be distributed 2 weeks before the Annual Meeting scheduled for Sunday, January 25th, 2015.

A special council meeting may need to be held in order to review the budget for changes and corrections before the required adoption on January 8th, 2015.

Worship & Music: Council Assignment, Ingrid Briggle
Worship & Music continues to plan services for December, including the Wednesday night Advent Services and two Christmas Eve services. Planning is also underway for January services.

Beaver Valley Churchmen: Council Assignment, Larry Johnson
The Churchmen continue to meet on the last Saturday morning of each month. This month’s meeting will be held on December 20th at 7:00 a.m.

Beaver Valley Women: Council Assignment, Ingrid Briggle. No further meetings have been held at this time.

Pastor’s Report: Pastor Greg Johnson. This last church council meeting is an important time to look back at the year past and to prayerfully and optimistically look out over the year to come.


  • A year to stabilize the congregation.
  • A year to do the basics well.
  • A first step in furthering our visioning process: “Come to the Valley”…rural beauty, wind through the trees and corn fields, renewal, a Sabbath “rest” church, a place to be fed/heal/come back to life.
  • A huge step in calling one another to “TRUST”—Consecration Sunday Commitments


  • A year to take specific steps to build our future:
  • Needs:
    1. Enhance worship with better music strategy ($)
    2. Bible Study/adult education opportunities need to increase.
    3. Help lead an area-wide visioning process where each congregation more completely defines its role in the broader work of the church.
    4. Make a commitment to helping the broader community know that we are alive and well and doing ministry that is modern, relevant, and faithful to our history.
  1. Outdoor worship area ($$$)
  2. Flags ($)
  • Begin to equip ministry teams (evangelism training, Eucharistic minister training, lay-worship leadership, one-on-one listening events, etc.)


  • New Members: Two fully committed and two more very interested new members have been identified. New member sessions will begin the week of January 26th, 2015, so that we can receive new members on Transfiguration Sunday, February 15th, 2015 (the Sunday before Ash Wednesday).
  • Christmas Eve: Must do what we do well…greeters at the door, special music, a well-coordinated lighting of the candles, bell ringers at midnight. Some of this is still being coordinated as well as working on the two sermons.
  • 2015 Budget: What is the process that Beaver Valley places around a new budget? One request from the pastor is for $2,700 for a mid-August to mid-May music coordinator. Duties would include:
  • Nine months coordinating, working with, building special music potential within the congregation.
  • Provide primary support for Wednesday evening worship (including a supportive plan for mid-week worship outdoors during the summer).
  • Make sure children sing monthly at the Sunday morning worship service (easily done as part of the flow of Sunday School).

    Senior High:

  • Laying the ground work: Derek and Winston
  • Youth360 video series—now, need to get the kids there.
  • January 4tih, 2015: area-wide youth night…here!!! Need to involve all 7 of our senior high youth and parents. Need to set a meeting before Christmas. So far, at least 4 churches are preparing to come…quarterly combined youth events?
  • Gospel of Luke: Hope to have three times the attendance of the fall class…what night? Five sessions. Having a hard time finding a time slot that works.
  • Service of Lessons and Carols:
    • December 28th: I will be on vacation (Sunday #4…one Sunday of vacation and both Sunday’s of continuing education not used this year).
    • Lay leadership is being sought: Several readers needed and one person to simply keep the order flowing…announcing Christmas Carols, receiving offering, etc.
    • An enjoyable “wear your Christmas sweaters,” sing Christmas songs, non-communion Sunday.

MMSC: Motion to adjourn the meeting was made and seconded. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ingrid Briggle, BVLC Council Secretary