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Phase 3: Beaver Valley alive! to Begin

We are getting ready to move our attention to the dreamed of Outdoor ministry area to the east of our current building. We have some work to do yet to finish Phase II of the campaign: to finish refurbishing the central office. The Church Council is aware that we need to be creative in our consideration of new cabinets and countertops with some rearranging of furniture and work space (making room for a more artistic, open welcome to those who most often enter the office upon their first visit to our church building).

But, finishing the central office can be done all the while the new Outdoor Ministry area committee begins its work. Their first piece of work will be to spend some significant time with notes carefully kept from visioning events over this past year and half. In particular, this group will come up with a rough draft of what an outdoor worship/fellowship space might look like and what the approximate cost would be to build it (since our visioning/design sessions have drawn creative responses from nearly 100 Beaver Valley members—we can say with confidence that the first priority for our new area is to create a venue that supports a wide variety of worship services and what we might call “performances:” concerts, guest speakers, youth events, etc.).

First, let us thank those stepping forward to help bring forward good ideas to share with everyone:
Randy Nelson
Kevin Backer
Kate Brick
Kevin Petterson
Jason Haak
Greg Johnson
David Schnable
Dan Steen
Dwayne Golblirsh
Susan Kruse
Georgia Backer
Larry Johnson
Sue Johannsen

Second, let’s talk about the campaign and our collective commitment to finish the last phase of this 150th celebration project by completing our financial gifting. Right now, our best estimates are that it will take between seven and eight thousand dollars to finish the refurbing of the 1967 unit….the central office being the last step in making that happen. With that estimate, we can say that at the writing of this April Tidings, we have approximately $40,000 available to put toward phase III work. Our most recent total of gifting to date is $133.408! Thanks to all for this faithful response! This number means that we are yet $16,592 short of meeting our May of 2019 goal of raising $150,000.

Will you prayerfully consider an April gift to support this important ministry initiative? I know that getting outside of the building and purposing our land to the east will send a clear signal to the entire community that Beaver Valley is alive and well and willing to worship and celebrate each other’s company. We are right in saying that our rural setting is a strength to build on.

With you into the next one hundred and fifty years!

Pastor Greg Johnson