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Goodie Boxes for our College Students and Military Personnel in April


 We will be collecting items for the boxes from April 1st – 22nd and will be mailed on April 23rd. Our past included 7 college students and 1 military personnel. If you want your child/military personnel included in this ministry, or know someone to include, you MUST contact the church office and either confirm their current address or give the church their new address. Thank you for helping us to keep our mailing cost to a minimum. If you would like to participate in this project, please bring your items and place them in the receptacle marked “Goodie Boxes” on the lower level.

Some suggested items to bring are listed below:

Fruit snacks or Fruit roll-ups, Sunflower seeds, Raisins, Chewing gum, Sugar-free gum; Trail mixes, Nuts, Dried fruits Cheese & crackers, Peanut butter & crackers, Pretzels, Beef jerky, Little Debbie snacks, Pop Tarts, Hot chocolate, Tea bags, Small packages of cookies, Granola bars Power bars, Drink/Juice mixes for single water bottles Microwave popcorn

Homemade cookies/bars are always appreciated. (Please wrap individually). 

Master Sergeant Paul Wilcox is being deported to Kenya, Africa. The base, that he & his fellow soldiers will be stationed at, doesn’t have a PX so personal hygiene items are hard to get. He indicated in addition to the non-melting snacks (as it takes a month to receive), he & his fellow soldiers would appreciate receiving hotel sized shampoo/conditioner’s, toothpaste/toothbrushes, dental floss, soap, mouth wash, powders, lotion and deodorants for both men & women.


Postage has been donated for this mailing! 

THANK YOU for your generosity and support for this mission.