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Beaver Valley Alive – Update!

Year Two Begins!

A year ago, the Church Council launched the Beaver Valley alive capital campaign.  This three year fund drive’s purpose was to ready the current church facility as well as add new ministry spaces in preparation for our congregation’s 150th anniversary.

Things have gone well.  Already, at the end of our first year of gifting to this campaign, members have given $76,585.08.  Thanks be to God for the faithful, “second mile” gifting by members of the congregation!

The fast-paced gifting has allowed the Beaver Valley alive committee to recommend to the church council to move ahead and pay for both Phase I and Phase II projects:

Phase I

  • $9,903.20 of the BVA money was used to finish the funding needed to replace the 1922 sanctuary roof.
  • $966.00 was used to professionally restore the wooden front door.
  • $3987.54 was spent for the steeple lights replaced by contractor
  • $752.77 of campaign costs for printing; $352.75 mailing costs was allocated.
  • $4,000 has been set aside to improve the sound system.
  • $1,500 has been set aside to improve the lighting in the front of the sanctuary.
  • $300 was used to purchase the supplies needed for volunteers to refinish the pews.
  • $5,000 was gifted to the synod’s Listen, God is Calling Campaign (our tithe for 2016).
  • Phase I expenses are coming in approx. $3,237.74 under the original budget of $30,000 

Phase II

  • $3,414.54 has been spent to replace the two, steel doors on the south side of the 1968 addition.
  • Approximately $33,000 has been used to replace the west facing windows and doors.
  • With the above mentioned expenses and set asides, we end year one with approximately $13,400 remaining in the BV alive fund to continue phase two projects. 

As we move into the second year of the campaign—and the second half of the giving that will get us to our campaign goal–it is intended that new monies will help with additional phase II projects including the remodeling of the central office and the finishing of the new ministry room (the new space created by removing the wall between the old back office and the youth director’s room).  New ceilings, better lighting, new carpet in the ministry room, a digital bulletin board in the kitchen hallway, a refreshed central office,  will enhance the welcome and the working space for the years to come.

As we begin to see the end of phase II work, of course our minds begin to shift to the first pieces of Phase III work that will create for our congregation a new outdoor ministry area: not just outdoor worship; but meals served, concerts and poets and musicians and yoga classes and youth group campfires will happen because we understand that one of the key assets that we have as a congregation is our beautiful rural setting.  Project leaders (Larry Johnson Phase I—Scott Rust, Phase II—and Kevin Petterson, Phase III) will commit to regular updates to the church council and the congregation over the coming year.  Thank you and God bless all of those who contribute both time and treasure in the advancement of Beaver Valley’s ministry.