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A Message from Pastor Greg

Pastor Greg Silhouette3

       “Lot’s of Moving Parts”

My mechanic friend looked at a broken piece of equipment with me saying, “well, there are a lot of moving parts to this thing.  Let’s see if we can keep this thing running.”  As I remember, something in my old garden tiller needed some attention.

I feel like I am standing with all of you members looking upon our ministry and realizing together, “there are lots of moving parts” to this one hundred and forty-seven year old place called Beaver Valley.  Right now every organization, every household, every person to one degree or another is needing some attention if we are going to keep things moving as we head into an uncertain fall.

I simply invite you to really read this newsletter to be reminded of how many layers of ministry invite our participation.   Pay special attention to the calendar—just look at the many moving parts in this parish of ours.  (Maybe more moving parts than usual as we make every effort to feed the members who gather together here on our ministry campus as well as provide solid content for those who are apart from the community participating remotely.)

For instance, just look at the worship service menu.  This central piece to our congregation’s life must be noted.  I am going to keep doing what it takes to provide outdoor, Pavilion worship for the membership.  Please note, our LAST outdoor Wednesday evening chapel service will be held on Wednesday, October 14th.  This evening service (incredibly popular by the way) will be replaced with a new outdoor, Pavilion worship option:  Sunday morning chapel at 8:30 a.m.  This short, less than one half hour service will be a devotional version of the full hour long, in-the-sanctuary worship.  Find your sweaters and jackets…we are going to run with this worship service as far into the early winter as we can.

For instance, just look at the youth ministry menu.  Some of the “parts” of youth ministry are video driven: i.e. ZOOM video conferencing for some of the Confirmation classes and Facebook live Sunday School feeds.  Other parts of our youth programming are in-person (always careful to distance and stay safe):  i.e. ninth grade faith formation night as the soon to be confirmed work on their faith statements in preparation for their special Confirmation Service to be held on October 25th.  Also, First Communion classes in our roomy Fellowship Hall on the evenings of October 13th and 20th.  Confirmation youth will be invited to wear a fanciful mask to their pre-Halloween Wednesday night (28th) as we remember that we are called to become the face of Christ in this world.  Our Senior High are invited to a Fellowship Hall (Oct. 11th), sit-on-the-carpet and talk about next summer’s trip to Pine Ridge for a week of immersion and cultural exchange.

Just read this newsletter and you will see that this ministry of our does in fact have lots of moving parts.  Please pray for God to continue to bless and guide.  We will not get everything done as of old in these difficult days, but we can all be a solid part of keeping this ministry alive for the sake of the world that needs us to be up and running!


Pastor Greg Johnson